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Working Time

2.15 usd

Working Time is an application that allows you to record your work time.Each time is related to a project that is related to a customer.- FEATURES- Easy build of a new time- Ability to pause, resume, or close a time- Check times- Lists detailed by customer, by project, by date, with its exports of data and reports- List filtered by date, project or client- Calendar- Set default preferences filters- Export data in CSV format in the external memory, with reference ID Code or clients and projects of your external database for easy data processing- Sending data via eMail- Export and reading reports in HTML format- Export data in PDF- Submission of Reports by eMail- Import customer list via csv file (with sample files)- Import csv file with project list (with sample files)- Backup and Restore Database- Export Database in CSV format- Sending Database in CSV format- Widget Home page
Please contact me with any problems or bug reports